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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tea in Charleston

About a month ago, I went on this private tour of homes and gardens in Charleston, South Carolina.  That day, I fell in love with Charleston. 

A year ago, I had met this retired lady, named Norma at a Gullah Festival.  She was just visiting the area and we started talking about how we enjoyed high teas.  She invited me to The Gryphon for High Tea in Savannah, GA.  We went as strangers, but became friends.  Well, last month, Norma returned to this area and invited me, along with my neighbor/friend to go on a private tour of historic homes/gardens, and tea/lunch in the tour guides private home.  It was an amazing day!

We met at the tour guide's home, we met a group of ladies, so there were 8 of us total.  We stopped at this Bed and Breakfast, historic home of Charleston and had a southern breakfast upstairs.  I ate the best grits, I've ever had!  Afterwards, we got to walk on the balcony, which overlooked the water.  Then, we went on to about 4 homes, saw some amazing english style gardens.  Saw, lots of interesting antiques in the old homes.  Laura, the tour guide was like a history book, she knew so many details and told personal accounts, she was amazing!  She really brought the past alive in her story telling.

We finished up the tour, with a lunch at Laura's home.  She made a quiche with herbs from her garden.  She makes the best marmalade out of her calamondin oranges that she grows. 

It was such an enjoyable day!  Something, I will never forget.  The day, I fell in love with Charleston!
Check out Laura's tour information at: www. charlestontour.wordpress.com