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I'm just a mid-west girl, who's traveled the world and would love to share some of my favorite things with you. Some of my favorite things are: cats, dogs: especially huskies and pugs, all things art: painting, pottery, card-making, stamps, the ocean, indian food, all things moroccan, italian, hand-made goods, soaps and candles, bright colors, blues, dark chocolate, coffee and tea, kringla, nesting dolls, tudors, medieval times, english cottages, history, reading, traveling, and learning about other cultures.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

High Tea at the Gryphon in Savannah

Well, today I got to enjoy high tea in Savannah.  It was such a treat!  I highly recommend this tea room, the Gryphon.  It's an old pharmacy, that's been converted into a tea room, run by SCAD(Savannah College of Art and Design).  The great part of this story, is that I met this complete stranger, retired lady this past weekend, who was just visiting on vacation and she invited me to go for high tea with her in Savannah.  I jumped at the opportunity to go, since I hadn't been there yet, and I don't have any girlfriends here, since I am new to the area.
So, it was lovely.  My new friend, was super nice and told me all about her travels around the world.  She is one brave lady!  I admire her bravery for traveling alone to places she desires to go.  I love meeting new people, all friends were once strangers!


  1. That sounds like a great day and what an amazing tea room-those trays of treats look yummy! And how cool to be invited to tea by a well traveled stranger....I'll bet she had good stories.

  2. Thanks, we'll have to go, when you guys come down here. Yes, she was interesting, she went to Russia, so I wanted to hear about that. She said, there's a good tea room in Oregon. You'll have to look for one there.